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who is "stroma vacanze toscana"

Last Updated on: Jul 6, 2020

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About us

stroma vacanze toscana Omar Strasky
Ländliweg 14, CH -  5400 Baden registered at: Handelsregisteramt Aargau 1992 (Switzerland)
Frontoffice Italy:
Via della Repubblica 84, I - 56034 Chianni (PI), Italia Telephone:

0041 32 510 8574

+39 339 52 55 306
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Thanks to  Fred Kasulze for the instructions on the slideshows, Markus und Alessandra for the pictures of Pigoli and everyone else who has helped me with the website..
dedicated to: Palmyra Strasky - Berlani, 09.08.1930 - 01.09.2010 Widmung