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updated: Jul 7, 2020

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Chianni is a small town situated about 20 kms off the western coast of Italy at the height of Livorno (Leghorn), Tuscany.
It isn't very crowded, that's why one may say, it is a nice quiet area, ideal for your recovery and relax.

The position of Chianni allows exursions to practically all famous sites  in the area within 60 to 9o minutes by car, therefore it is very convenient to chose it as a base. But more than that, it offers a beautiful nature and a still originally kept nice aspect of a typical tuscan hillside village giving you the great look and feel of Tuscany.

Chianni is composed of the main town called Chianni, there is Rivalto, situated higher than Chianni town , Garetto and Croce del Magno.

The neighboring towns are Casciana Terme-Lari, Terricciola, Lajatico (where the famous singer Andrea Bocelli is from) and across the hills towards the west Riparbella, Castellina Marittima and Santa Luce.


It has a full nice infrastructure with shops, bank, ATM, postoffice, restaurants  and bars ( the bars in Chianni offer free and open wifi!),  bakery, hairdressers, Boutiques and so on - and there is a busline reaching it too: click here to download the specific timetable in PDF for the busline 410, Pontedera-Chianni  - make sure you scroll all the way down on the page for the listing of the available runs on holidays !

All timetables of the public buslines in the province of Pisa can be found here (it is a bit a messy site....)

The nearest train station is PONTEDERA-CASCIANA TERME, where most of the trains stop on the line Florence - Pisa.

Close airports are Pisa (PSA) airport and Firenze (FLR)  - both have car rentals on location.

WIFI is available for free at the two bars in Chianni - open wifi - always on (the use of a VPN service is highly advised)

There are a few sight seeings at Chianni itself: the lately discovered medieval mills,  some  hiking trails across the forests and lots of wonderful nature.

Once you choose to have dinner out, you will notice the difference to other places: your wallet is NOT going to cry when the bill comes!

The closer area offers lots of discovery - Terricciola is famous for its wines - get a tasting!  (ask Omar about it!) Many great restaurants offer extremely good food - you can easily spend two weeks eating out without having to visit one place twice!

Excellent mountain biking possibilities attract many people form foreign places - and again, there are beautiful views everywhere!
Nice supermarkets are situated in Capannina di Cevoli - that is on the usual arrival route to Chianni from the freeway "superstrada FI-PI-LI" (means freeway Firenze - Pisa - Livorno), so you can have a stop and shop groceries before you get to your house -  remember there are NO groceries at all at the rental location - there are a series of grocery shops als in Chianni itself.

Pontedera has a hospital which can be reached within 20 minutes - and there is an emergency ambulance service: in case of emergency call 118 !

stroma offers its guests an exclusive support service: you can call in, if you have a problem understanding someone you talk to in italian; we resolve problems of many kinds - ask and we'll see how we can help.

stroma doesn't want to leave their guests on their own in a maybe unknow place - if help is necessary, just call!

Here is a (incomplete) list of stroma-tested restaurants:
Restaurants (advised by Stroma Vacanze Toscana):

La Botteghina
Croce del Magno
Le Vecchie Cantine
La Locanda del Gallo
Da Nello
il Merlo
Casciana Terme
Da Nella
Lajatico (La Sterza)

il Morso
Pasticceria Ferretti
Villa la Torre
Officine Bocelli (the "Andrea Bocelli" restaurant)
Lajatico (La Sterza)

Car repair
Officina meccanica (Mechanics), Chianni
Dani Andrea +39 338 379 2320
Carrozzeria Etrusca, Capannina di Cevoli, (body repair)

+39 0587 685 314